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SIBA College never stops improving the quality of education. With the determination to enter into a model vocational college that is ready to enter the world stage and ASEAN Economic Community. The College has signed a cooperation with higher education institutions both in the country and abroad. In academic areas and special privileges such as continuing courses privileges to study in scholarships and cultural exchange with an exchange of knowledgeable and competent faculty members from various educational institutions along with the development of curriculum and educational approaches that combine both theory and practice with quality with our international and English language courses as follows:

English Program

The SIBA English Program conducts instruction in English led by highly qualified faculty and Professors with direct professional experience, offering 3 disciplines at both vocational (vocational certificate) and advanced vocational (vocational certificate):
1. Business English Program
2. Business computer program
3. Hotel Management Program

Chinese Program

The SIBA Chinese Program conducts instruction in Chinese by foreign teachers who are experienced. It was the first vocational college in Thailand to have a Chinese language course (vocational certificate) in the field of tourism

Qualification and Admission Requirement
Qualifications in Junior High School or equivalent. Transfer document from other institutions. Schools must be accredited by the Ministry of Education.

Vocational Degree
Admission Requirement
– Junior High School or equivalent
– Transfer document from other institutions
– Schools must be accredited by the Ministry of Education.

High Vocational degree
Admission Requirement
– Vocational degree
– Senior High School or equivalent
– Transfer document from other institutions
– Schools must be accredited by the Ministry of Education.
Remarks: In case of waiting for formal qualification document, you can use transcript to do credit transfer for temporary.

Documents Required
– Transcript for Junior High School or equivalent qualification
– Transfer document from other institutions
– Course Description
– Qualification (in case of graduating from abroad)
– Identification card
– Household registration
– Photos of 1 inch
– Name changing application
Remarks: All documents should be in A4 size with signature on

Pearson BTEC International

Santirat Vocational College (SIBA College) in the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Petcharat Rajsuda Sirisopaphanawadee is a private vocational institution with a reputation of more than 5 decades, focusing on the production of quality citizens at the heart of the nation’s youth development as well as being a stable foundation for the country‘s continuous educational development. Incorporating with Pearson Education Limited in the United Kingdom, SIBA is the first private vocational college in the country that has been awarded the right to officially organize the teaching and learning of the curriculum Business and Technology Education from the UK Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) of Prarson, already certified by the Thai Ministry of Education.

BTEC implements English medium of teaching and learning, focusing on supporting Thai vocational education to international standards, intensive professional career training to meet the education needs for the 21st century world. BTEC qualifications are recognized in 340 universities and colleges in 80 countries around the world. The college very much hopes that the BTEC curricular of the United Kingdom will develop learners’ skills to international standard. In addition, this is to develop the Thai vocational education to international and sustainable standards. ,
Highlights of the BTEC Course
Use a system of teaching and learning according to the British Curriculum. Focus on professional practice (Hand on Experience) both in the classroom and in the workplace
Use English to teach all subjects. by foreign teachers
Get a Diploma or diploma that has been accredited by the British Ministry of Education.
Can save time in studying the normal system. It takes 6-7 years to complete a bachelor’s degree.
BTEC course takes 3 months to study, get certificate / 12 months (120 Credits / 720GLH).
Cost savings both within the country. And abroad more than 80%
Can be an entrepreneur And have worked in leading organizations
There is no memorization system. Do not take a test.
Get more answer. From the professional license

Benefits after graduation
1. Learners will receive two qualifications and a certificate.
2. Higher National Diploma (HNH) from the British Board of Education
3. Bachelor’s degree from a foreign university that the learner chooses to study in the last year.
4. Certificate upon completion of the chosen course of study
5. Students can choose to study in their final year from over 250 universities worldwide. And got an
internship with a specialized organization That branch directly
6. Study international courses that can be transferred around the world.
7. Learn from a highly qualified international teacher Including direct experience in that field of life
8. Learn using an English language curriculum that focuses on professional practice in the classroom.
And in establishments

Qualifications for those interested in enrolling
• Age from 16 years, no limit on qualifications.
• Interested in studying abroad Or increase hotel management skills

If interested, you can ask for more details at the Office of International Affairs, Tel. 0 2939 3000 ext. 6519.