หลักสูตรนานาชาติ – International Program [EN]

หลักสูตรนานาชาติ – International Program [EN]

International Program

Thailand SIBA College has been working to improve the quality of teaching, it is trying to be positive to prepare for entering the ASEAN economic community and striving to become influential on the world stage in vocational colleges. SIBA signed education agreements with domestic and foreign educational agencies , such as the enrollment continued education agreement, scholarship agreement, cultural exchange agreements and teachers exchanged protocol, exchanging experienced teachers to guide the curriculum and practice,  instructing the teaching work of our school’s international department and English department. SIBA is devoted to developing a new era of high qualities citizens.


English Program

Three majors in the English department : PVC and PVS respectively


Business English

Business Computer

Hotel Management



Chinese Program

Santirat International and Business Administration College opens the first Chinese Program of private vocational education in Thailand which has major Tourism Management.Junior school graduates or having gotten the education department approved by relevant education institutes with the same degree ,students can apply for major Tourism Management of Chinese Program

Chinese and Thai language Culture Center (CTCC)

Thailand SIBA College and China Guangxi Teachers Education University cooperated to establish the Chinese and Thai language culture center and faculty exchange, which are committed to the Development Center for language and culture exchange.


We welcome the middle school, high school and primary school students, college students and adults enrolled in Central Thai classes and Chinese classes according to the specific schedule as follows

Middle school ,high school , primary school students and adults’curriculum


Chinese Conversations 180 class hours

Chinese language and Culture Experience Camp 7days/15days/30days

Mandarin Teachers Training (Thai teachers)

Chinese students curriculum


Thailand language and Culture Curriculum

Intercultural communication Curriculum

International Program News

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